About Us

About Helping Highlands Survivors, Inc.

Highlands, NJ is a small history-filled working class fishing village at the very tip of the Jersey Shore on Sandy Hook Bay about a ½ mile in size which was right in the path of Hurricane Sandy, one of the most destructive and deadliest storms ever witnessed in this part of the country.  The vast majority of homes and businesses in the downtown area sustained significant damage or were completely destroyed.

With the winter approaching quickly and the summer tourist season right around the corner, the need to get residents back in their homes is critical.  Highlands is a town of survivors with a long history of enduring the harsh Atlantic seaboard, having previously weathered  storms such as Hurricane Esther in 1954, Hurricane Donna in 1960, the 1992 Nor’easter and Hurricane Irene in 2011.  With this in mind Helping Highlands Survivors, Inc. has been formed to raise essential funds as the needs of the local community will exceed insurance coverage (if any), or FEMA or other governmental resources.

Who We Are

Helping Highlands, Inc.  was formed by families that were born and raised in Highlands. We are related to the original descendants of Parkerstown (now known as Highlands) and many families living in the area started off living off the sea as clam diggers.